Classic Indie

"I am flattered by how a great success as this song has been reproduced in this unique and beautiful way. A perfect tribute."

Claire De Lune

"Virtuoso is a talented emerging musical group that fuses the classical string quartet and drums to produce orchestrated covers of all-time pop and rock hits. Their debut album "Virtuoso (Live)" includes, living up to their description, a rich, dynamic melody: a cover of the classic "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses. Masterfully done, Virtuoso's Gad Lev (violin) does justice to Axl Rose's vocals and Slash's iconic guitar solo. As a result, we have got an uplifting, intense, and powerful cover. Amazing job." 

Best of ROCK

 "greeeeeeeat cover!!! Very unique! I love it :D"

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Amsterdam | The Netherlands

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